Maximus Stephens – Escape to a Different World (pt 1)

For this week’s music post we are musically embarking on a journey through different worlds and dimensions!

I have picked four different film composers to transport you into a peaceful and tranquil mindset – please click on the YouTube links below to listen to the music or the IMDb link to find out more about each film and where to watch them. Rather than listening to all of them in one day, try to spread your listening time throughout the week, allowing you to have multiple “escape” listening sessions.

(Please note sound is not available via VPN)

Avatar – James Horner

(Photo credit – Unsplash)

Escape to the magical planet of Pandora inhabited by the Na’vi. Get ready to be lost in James Horner’s vast soundscapes and clever melodic writing.

  1. Jake’s first Flight:
  2. Pure spirits of the forest:

More about Avatar:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – Harry Gregson-Williams

(Photo credit – Unsplash)

Join the Pevensie children as they embark on a mysterious adventure through a wardrobe and experience Harry Gregson-Williams’ amazing score, including his creative use of instruments and musical atmosphere.

  1. Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus:
  2. Only The Beginning of The Adventure:

More about Narnia:

Star Wars: A New Hope – John Williams

(Photo credit – Unsplash)

The original Star Wars, A New Hope is written by John Williams and includes some of the best film music composition ever. The film is based around a band of rebels traveling across the stars, hiding and fighting against an evil empire who seek to rule the entire galaxy. I have picked some unusual pieces, but the entire soundtrack is definitely worth a listen if you have time.

  1. Princess Leia’s Theme:
  2. The Little People Work:

More about Star Wars: A New Hope:

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone – John Williams

 (Photo credit – Unsplash)

This is the first in a series of multiple films for the Harry Potter franchise. It introduces many of the main characters, settings and musical themes that Williams creates. Definitely one of my most favourite soundtracks ever.

  1. Harry’s Wondrous World:
  2. Leaving Hogwarts:

More about: Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone:

Thank you for taking time to read through this blog post! A new post will usually be uploaded every Monday/Tuesday and will be around the topic of music in some form, not just film music. If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

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