Mark Thomas: Check-up – Our NHS @ 70

Mark Thomas is 54, the NHS is 70.

UK national average life expectancy is 84.

If Mark makes it to 84 the NHS will be 100

…what will they both look like?

Comedian Mark Thomas gives a fast paced, hard look at the NHS from his time shadowing staff in departments up and down the country. He does a great job of showcasing the care of NHS staff from across the country with brilliant attention to detail – particularly a London consultant surgeon.  Sharing conversations from policymakers, to the chief medical officer and NHS staff,  with an edge that brought us 100 Acts of Minor Dissent and Trespass – he’s still got the fire in his belly and a brilliant energy too.

He turns the world of health upside down trying to find some answers with  Epidemiologist, Michael Marmot, who talks about the impacts of social deprivation in the Healthcare system in parallel to the very wealthy.

“Build Back Fairer” is the call to action.

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