Absolute Legend – Julie Walker

We all know an absolute legend – someone who seems to be just totally in tune with the universe and does the best stuff, usually for other people.

When two of the Arts Team were redeployed to Occupational Health at the start of March 2020 they were a little worried about all sorts of stuff but then realised they would be working with Absolute Legend, Julie Walker, so there was nothing to fear…

Here’s why:

  • Julie, Administration Team Leader, has the ability to be up and at them every day – with a smile, a cuppa and a twinkle 
  • Julie ‘does good stuff ’but in a top cat way – that can be organising  zooms, making food for family, creating amazing art and baking
  • Julie, totally looks out for others – and is always supporting the team. She developed a weekly art competition for the team – helping those who took part to enjoy creativity at a challenging time – Louise Bowman, colleague and a winner from the competition said: Always looks on the bright side of things and brings positivity to the team
  • She always seems to have something up her sleeve – is a great mate – from party ideas to making days out special – colleague and good mate Mandy Bardy can vouch for this…Julie is always kind, caring, selfless and has everyone else’s wellbeing at the forefront. She is creative and as a manager always comes up with imaginative ways to make her staff feel supported and encouraged . As a friend she is  all of the above and more… funny, loyal, mischievous and one of the most positive people you will ever meet J I’m lucky to call her my friend xxx
  • And she dances and ran a voluntary dance group with daughter Emily (but has since stepped down as it is in good hands with Emily taking the lead) – she even created a video of ALL the team dancing in Occy health – we got the moves! Emily, who also works in OH says: Julie is the absolute rock of most places including work, dancing and when it comes to her family. She is kind, caring, empathetic and always finds a positive to everything – all these traits make her the best colleague! Julie has worked at OH for over 20 years (she has genuinely been here longer than the building!) and this shows when it comes to her knowledge, managerial skills and overall understanding of what Occupational Health is. She is a fantastic role model, amazing colleague and a very special friend.

If Julies going to do it she’s going to do it well. Julie adds a spark of energy, creativity and caring to all she does – she’s an absolute legend!

Creative hats off to our first absolute legend, Julie!

Inspired? You can find all sorts of creative colouring resources online including  Michael Craig Martin – Colouring in Poster:


Do you work alongside an Absolute Legend in your team? Get in touch and share the joy.

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